The REA acknowledges the significant role of solar home systems towards increasing access to power, particularly for off grid communities that are sparsely populated, which do not have large energy demand profiles. Solar Home Systems play a critical role in introducing consumers onto the energy ladder and providing them with cleaner and more sustainable alternatives for power generation, from lighting and phone charging to cooling and entertainment.
By providing support with policy and regulation, the REA believes that this will enable private companies to grow their businesses and reach off-grid communities across the country at a faster rate. The REA provides relevant assistance to overcome potential barriers to scale for private companies, which may affect deployment of the systems at a rate that is affordable to the customers.

Solar Home System companies may also apply to access the Rural Electrification Fund. It is expected that with access to cheaper financing, these cost savings will be transferred to the end user in the form of affordable rates.

The REA energy database also includes potential sites that have been identified as being viable for solar home systems. The data provided will include specific details on each community which potential solar home system companies can assess, to determine if their products will meet the requirements of the selected community.