Frequently Asked Questions on Performance Based Grant Programme

At a later stage, underserved communities may be considered in the performance-based grant programme. However, for now the performance-based grant programme will be focused on off grid communities.

  • Only mini grids in unserved areas are considered for now for the performance-based grant programme. In the future, mini grids in underserved areas may be considered for the performance-based grant programme. The tariff will be set by developers according to the NERC regulation for mini grids.
At first, the programme will focus on mini grids in unserved areas, so mini grids will not have direct dealings with Discos and Gencos.

For now, the performance-based grant program focuses only on isolated mini grids. Under the mini grid regulations, if a community already served by a Disco wants to get electricity from a mini grid, the community should sign a tripartite agreement with the Disco, and the mini grid developer.

For the PBG site approval, the developer is only required to submits its generation and distribution design. The tariff approval process will be done in parallel.

  • If 60% of the potential customers in the community agree to a tariff proposed by the developer, NERC will approve this tariff.

Prior to the deployment of the mini grids, developers are expected to carry out community engagements to communicate the terms of the service. This is the responsibility of the developer and not the REA..

For places with coverage, the connections would be managed through data from smart meters. For places with poor network coverage, the metering data would be uploaded and sent to the REA where network can be found. Independent verification agents will also go to selected sites and physically confirm the data is accurate

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