World Bank Remark – Jon Exel, World Bank Task Team Lead for NEP

“Rural Electrification is not an industry to make a quick buck. Perseverance and service delivery is key” Jon Exel, World Bank Task Team Lead for NEP.

The Nigerian Government is focusing on long-term sustainability. We are happy and proud to be part of these steps being taken by the government.

When it comes to creating an enabling environment for offgrid development, Nigeria has really moved forward.

There’s a lot of involvement not just from Nigerian companies but companies from around the globe. This encourages inclusiveness. The scale of the market and the willingness to tackle electricity issues is what we see in Nigeria.

We hope to see many of these systems in Nigeria, especially the #minigrids. Also, there must be adequate training for the end-users. This will really help the developers – Jon Exel, World Bank.

World Bank Nigeria.

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