• Eligible entity
  • Free from conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with all existing business, tax, social security and related regulation
  • Free from bankruptcy or any analogous situation
  • Free from offence conviction regarding its professional conduct
  • Not subject of a ‘res judicata’ judgement for any illegality
  • Financially sound and qualified
  • Completion of all relevant application process and documentation


  • Financial commitment towards the proposed project
  • Selection of the right Tier for the proposed project and request for applicable subsidy within specific Tier
  • It shall target rural areas
  • Ability to demonstrate financial sustainability and profitability
  • Not requiring a continuous subsidy covering for operations cost and/or end-user consumption
  • Not requiring a 100% subsidy – partly funded by the applicant
  • Compliance with existing legislation and regulation
  • Technically viable
  • Ability to support and improve to rural economic development and productivity