Rural Electrification Fund Stakeholders Workshop

Rural Electrification Fund Stakeholders Workshop

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has unveiled its Rural Electrification Fund (REF), a scheme to provide funding rural power projects done by private investors to ensure 60 per cent of Nigerians are connected to electricity by year 2020.

A REA-REF Stakeholders Workshop held on the 29-11-2017 at Sandralia Hotel, Abuja . The event was aimed at enlightening Stakeholders on the Off-Grid Electrification Strategy, the REA Energy Database for Potential Mini Grid and Solar Home System Investors, Scope of the Rural Electrification Fund, Its Eligibility Requirements, Selection Process for Funding Allocation, Operational guidelines 2017 among others.

Among the Dignitaries that graced the occasion were the Minister of State II, Power Works & Housing, Senate Committee & House Committee Chairmen on Rural Electrification, Chairman of the REA Board,  MD/CEO of REA and Executive Director REA-REF

See photos of event

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